Funérailles - Roger Daltrey/Rick Wakeman/Franz Liszt


Orpheus Song - Rick Wakeman

You are my soul
No strength to fight your tearing hand
Please, spare me
I am alone
Kill me and you destroy yourselves
Be soothed

You tear me up
Make me whole
These moments cannot be controled
My shame, be my game
Together we can light the flames
Flames of light, flames of truth…

Take my life in this hell
Surreneder with me to the spell
Will grow, let it show
A harmony makes music flow… 

Lead me on
Let my past begone
Woah, my life
How could, my life, be wrong?
Your harmonies are neat so lead me on! 

Read this…
The Piano is an instrument…

Read this…

The Piano is an instrument…



Rick Wakeman’s version of Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 13

"Free Song"


"His name is Richard Wagner! Richard, where are you? Richard?

Ah! Richard, stand up! Take a bow! Ha ha… That’s enough…

Besides of being German, Richard’s got someting else in common with Beethoven.. He’s a BLEEDING GENIUOS!

How do I know? You told me so yourself, didn’t you, Richard?

Richard written an opera… all about an ancient roman called Rienzi.

Here’s my arrengement of it… I’ve never played it before… SO I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!” -Roger Daltrey as Franz Liszt